Virtual Video Network

Virtual Video Network


Virtual Video Network

At Broadband Visual Communications we provide a series of virtual, cloud based video solutions that are perfect for SMB’s and Enterprise looking to utilise video communications.

From video on the desktop to video meeting rooms for multiple participants, Broadband Visual Communications can deliver you the best of the Polycom RealPresence platform, without the need for you to invest in the significant infrastructure cost.

Our virtual services are available on an Ad-Hoc or Unlimited subscription basis, so call 0117 373 5302 today to see how video services in the cloud could save you money and compliment your organisation.

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Virtual Meeting Room

Our Cloud-based Virtual Meeting Room service is ideal for video conferencing users who need to arrange meetings with three or more participants who don’t already own the expensive infrastructure.

Broadband Visual Communications can offer you a service that enables you to enjoy multi-point calls without the need for additional hardware or software.

Our meeting rooms are designed with all in mind an can be accessed through IP & ISDN connections or a mixture of both.

We provide you with instant access to your very own virtual meeting room via a dedicated ISDN number / IP address.

Ideal for organisations that want to manage and schedule their own multi site video conferences.

Key Benefits

  • Latest Bridge Technology
  • IP + ISDN Capable
  • Up to 16 sites on screen at the same time
  • 27 different video layouts
  • Data Sharing Capability
  • Simple Dial in Process
  • Subscription or Ad-Hoc Usage Plans
  • Fully Secure in ISO accredited environment

Contact us today to see how the Virtual Video Meeting Room can help you connect all your video users together

Download a Virtual Video Meeting Room brochure


Virtual Video Mobile

Broadband Visual Communications’ Virtual Video Mobile service is a client based application delivering HD Quality Video, Audio and Content to tablet users.

Built on the Polycom Realpresence Platform the Virtual Video Mobile service extends Polycom’s HD Video Collaboration technology beyond the office and conference room to the tablet market.

Installation Process

  • Simply download the free Polycom RealPresence Mobile Video Client App to your device
  • Input your unique Username / Password
  • Use the tablet of your choice to connect and collaborate!

Click here for a 7 day trial of the Virtual Video Mobile

Key Features

  • Free yourself from the office and conference room with the ability to meet anywhere
  • Works over 3G or WiFi Connectivity (3G subject to mobile carrier data rates)
  • Stay connected with people and content with a single communication stream from your tablet
  • Eliminate barriers to productivity and open new opportunities for immersive teamwork
  • Gives you the ability the dial from any broadband enabled location without the need for complex network configuration
  • Take charge of your work/life balance by taking video conferencing with you wherever you go

Please Note: The Polycom RealPresence Application is currently only available on the Apple iPad2, Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and the Motorola Xoom Tablets. Check back regularly for announcements on other compatible tablet devices
Download a Virtual Video Mobile brochure


Virtual Video Desktop

Broadband Visual Communications’ Virtual Video Desktop Service is an affordable, high quality, subscription based service enabling individuals to place Video Calls from any location, anytime.

For users, the VVD service is ideally suited for Video, Voice and Data Sharing. With all these forms of communication, the end result is a complete virtual collaboration tool ideally suited for remote workers.

Click here for a 7 day trial of the Virtual Video Desktop

Key Benefits

  • Affordable
  • High Quality Video and Audio
  • Accessible Via Wi-Fi or Internet Connection
  • Fully Compatible With All Standards Based Systems Including Lifesize, Polycom & Tandberg
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Flexible Payment Plans

Simple Installation Process

  • Simply download and install the application to your PC/Laptop
  • Input your unique username / password
  • Connect Webcam
  • Start placing Video Calls!